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“Vadim was the absolute best! VIP service indeed! We called at the last min and Vadim fit us into his schedule and even drove all the way across town in rush hour traffic to assist. We had a bit complicated situation with complex loan documents and Vadim assisted us patiently all with a smile on his face! Highly recommend him for any notary needs!”
Rated 5/5 - from over 20 reviews
"The escrow company sent Vadim to my house, he was very detail oriented, punctual , and professional. He knew/explained each form in detail and clearly he was very passionate about what he does, he was very comfortable and made it easy on me as the buyer.  I have zero complaints about this guy!"
Rated 5/5 - from over 20 reviews
"Vadim made himself available on short notice in the late evening to travel to where we needed notary services; he was professional, careful, fully organized, efficient, fairly priced, and beyond helpful and got the job done.  If you're in need of notary services at home or in your office or elsewhere, call him."
Rated 5/5 - from over 20 reviews
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We travel to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including Sundays). Servicing Santa Monica, the Westside, and all of Southern California.

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Fast, friendly and professional notary services ranging from escrow and load document signing to Apostille services and more.

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Santa Monica Mobile Notary Services

We specialize in Real estate / loan document signing, Apostille documents & forms, and all other legal documents & letters that require notarization.

We are certified & licensed by the State of California, bonded, and member of the National Notary Association servicing Southern California since 2012.

Loan Document Signing
Apostille Service
Public Notary Services

Notarizations We Specialize In

Escrow & Real Estate Forms
Signature Witnessing
Copy Certification
Public Notary Services

Notarizations We Specialize In

Loan Document Signing
Apostille Service
Escrow & Real Estate Forms
Notarization Knowledgebase

Some of the most frequently asked questions

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is an individual commissioned by the Secretary of State to perform a notarial act and is a considered a “public ministerial officer” who is an impartial agent of the state commissioned to witness notarial writings and signatures. One of the main responsibilities of a public notary is to confirm the identity of the signer of a document through personal knowledge, a credible witness and/or identification card or papers. Also, notaries public ensure the signer is under his/her own free will, and there to witness the actual signing. The overall purpose of the notary public is fraud prevention in document signatures and certification.

How Does Notarizing Work?

Notarizing a document or signature entails a few similar details, but will depend on your specific notarization act. For the most widely performed notary public services, you will bring the documents to be notarized to the notary (or a mobile notary will travel to you) and the commissioned public notary will: Verify the identity of the signers, confirm that the signers understand what they are signing / signing under their own free will, witness the signature(s), log the notarization act in the notary journal book; and complete a notarial certificate. In some cases, an oath or affirmation is required.

Who Can Notarize / Who Does Notarizing?

An individual commissioned by the state is can notarize signatures and documents and perform notarizing acts as set forth by the secretary of state of their respective state.

How to Get an Apostille in California?

Authentication requests can be presented in person to the Sacramento (also by mail) or Los Angeles office locations for California Apostille services. For in-person Apostille requests, no appointment is necessary and customers are served on a “first come first serve” basis.

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Certified California Notary Public Agent

Mobile Public Notary + Apostille

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Servicing Santa Monica, the Westside, and all of Southern California.

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VIP Notary Services specializes in public notary services ranging from escrow and loan document signing to Apostille services and all other document notarization including, but not limited to: Acknowledgements, jurats / affidavits, oaths / affirmations, copy certification, signature witnessing, and all real estate related forms.

Serving Los Angeles CA

Same Day Apostille Services

Available 7 days a week to schedule apostille services to be processed during normal business hours of the Los Angeles office of the California Secretary of State.
We will handle your authentication certificate for birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and more…

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